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GmodStore link: https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/26/hats-hook - - Description - A grappling hook. Allows players to scale walls, abseil safely, or grab and pull objects. - - Installation - To install, simply drop into your garrysmod/addons/ folder. Servers may require a restart when a new addon is added. - - Features - Easy-to-use weapon - Does not make players fly around at ridiculous speeds - Rope length can be controlled by the player, to climb or drop down - Can pull small entities and props, such as ammo boxes or weapons - Can pull players - Players can break out when being pulled - Simple recharge system - Does not hook the skybox - Players are not glued to the ground, they do not need to jump to start climbing - The hook is physics-enabled, players can't fire it ridiculous distances without it being affected by gravity - The hook can be shot and destroyed while the player is climbing - Compatible with TTT, includes a weapon icon - - CVars - Server-side console variables to customise the grappling hook to your needs. - - hatshook_hookplayers: [default 1] Allows the Grappling Hook to grab players - hatshook_physics: [default 1] Grappling hook is launched as a projectile - hatshook_speed: [default 1000] Launch velocity of the grappling hook (Max range for non-physics hooks) - hatshook_breakpower: [default 3] Strength of each breakout attempt - hatshook_breakregen: [default 1] Breakout depletion rate - hatshook_ammo: [default -1] Number of uses each grappling hook has. -1 is infinite.'

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