RP Name Menu [Now supports FR, DE, LT languages]


Description - This addon adds a roleplay menu. So whenever someone joins your server without a roleplay name, they are to enter one. - It is super easy to install and works well. Supports almost all versions of DarkRP. - - *Works with all DarkRP versions - *Has an NPC to change names if enabled - *Has a word blacklist - *Admins can force name change by right clicking players with context(C) menu - *Has 3 type of skins to chose from - Default, Poly Blur, Flat Blur (check images) - Installation - 1.) Open the zip file. - - 2.) Extract it to your addons folder. - - 3.) Configuration. - cl_rpnamemenu.lua - On the first line there you can change the community name displayed on the menu. Changing it to local CommunityName = "CoderHire Community" for example would make it display "Welcome to CoderHire Community" at the top of the menu. - - On the third line you can choose which skin to use. If it's local Skin = 1 then the default skin will be used. Change the number to use other skins, such as 2 for Poly Blur skin or 3 for Flat Blur skin. - - rpnamemenu.lua - If you want to add extra words to the phrase blacklist or disable /rpname(DarkRP 2.6+ only). Add extra words in the 5rd line where it says BlackList = {... for blacklisting. To disable /rpname, change DisableDarkRPNameChatCommand from false to true. - - To enable the Name Change NPC change RPNAME_EnableNPC from false to true. Also change RPNAME_NameChangePrice to the price you want it to cost for a change. - When it's enabled go to the place you want your NPC to stand and look at the direction too. Type in console rpname_setpos "models/Humans/Group02/male_02.mdl". Replace the model with other models if you please. - - Language localisation - If you want to change the language then open up the sh_rpnamemenu.lua file and on line 1 change local language = "EN" to another one, like "FR" for French for example. Languages supported by default: EN - English, FR - French, DE - German, LT - Lithuanian. You can add other languages there, just copy the EN language table and rename it to whichever language you are translating. - - 4.) You're done. Enjoy! - '

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