[v1.3.1] Fine/Fining System Customizable


----Translated From Russian To English--- - - ONLY WORKS FOR DARKRP - You require LUA knowledge in order to make this work with other gamemodes. - - Please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments area! - - Media - Video - v1.0.0 - - Description - Adds a fine system that can be used by the jobs of your choosing. It works to write fines to both players and vehicles. You can also customize which job can use which fines, that way you can add traffic police jobs. - - Features - Fine SWEP - Fine vehicles - Possible to enter custom reason and amount - Jobs of your choosing can fine others - Setup fines specificly for certain jobs, useful for parking attendant jobs for example - UI for both writing and paying fines - Finer gets X% of the fine - Becomes wanted or arrested if denying the fine - Supports ARitz Cracker Bank - Supports SCars - Translation system - Currently supports English, French, German, Russian and Slovak - Easily add law sections and laws - Easily customize it to your liking - Content - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=726566288 - - Setup - Extract the "finesystem" into your addons folder and remember to setup the teams in the config. - - Configs - enter image description here - - Servers running this addon - Realiacity (Spanish) Play.Realiacity.Es - Virtual Roleplay (German) - GrottenRP (German) - GGG DarkRP (German) - GitGudGaming (German)rp.ggg-c.de:27055 - GoodLife Roleplay (German) - LastFate (French) - LeBled RP (French) - Mojo City (French) GMOD12.MTXSERV.FR:27170 - LaBaguetteRP (French) labaguetterp.fr - Aperture Hosting Aperture-Hosting.de:27021 - OmniscientRP - Rambo's Servers - Ebolaids ZombieRP - Need for Speed Roleplay play.excaliburnetworks.com:27014 - Toxstyx City Roleplay - RPNetwork serious.rpnetwork.net:27035 - Free RP'

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