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SH Whitelist is now the best way of whitelisting your jobs. It is completely lag-free, works out of the box and has an unprecedented level of work on the User Interface to make whitelisting jobs a simple and quick task when it used to be a chore. - - What is whitelisting? Whitelisting allows you to restrict access to a job to specific SteamIDs or usergroups of your choice. However, to do this you generally had to modify your jobs file (not very practical) or use poorly optimized Whitelist scripts (which causes lag), thus making whitelisting a chore. With this script, you can easily control access to your jobs with just one click! - - Features - - (NEW) Add factions to your server! Players will be able to choose a faction when they first join and they will instantly get whitelisted for a specified set of jobs! You can have as many as factions as you like. - Job-specific whitelisting: want to allow certain jobs to whitelist specific jobs only? You can do that! Allow the leader of a Regiment to only whitelist jobs in that Regiment, and nothing else. NEW: You can also allow usergroups to whitelist some jobs! - Context whitelisting: no need to type a command to whitelist someone. Just hold C and click on a player to whitelist them! - Best performance among Whitelist scripts. No useless DRM that only sucks up bandwidth. Absolutely lag and crash free unlike other similar scripts available. - Live updating menu for when multiple players are editing the same SteamID/usergroup's whitelist. - Console commands available for your favourite donation system. See below! - SH Whitelist doesn't require you to modify your DarkRP installation. Everything is contained and done in the script. No need to edit your jobs file! - Support for libgmodstore, which notifies you when your copy is out of date and provides support should you run into trouble. It is off by default and can be enabled in the config file. - Refined UI standards for a smooth experience; whitelisting has never felt so responsive before! - Customizable theme for your UI - match your server's colors! - MySQL support for multi-server communities. - No MySQL server? No problem. The script supports saving to your server's local database (sv.db) - no need to set up anything! - Highly customizable configuration file to tailor the script to your finest needs. - Language support. Four languages provided at the moment: English, French, German and Spanish. - Content automatically downloaded via Steam Workshop. - The script only works on DarkRP and other renames which rely on it. - - Installing - - Simply extract the sh_whitelist folder into your server's addons folder, edit the config files to your likings and restart the server - the script will work right away! - - You can configure the add-on in the whitelist_config.lua and whitelist_database_sv.lua files. - - To configure which jobs have to be whitelisted, refer to the WhitelistedJobs option in the config file. - - Commands - - SH Whitelist includes a list of commands which can be used in your favourite donation system to easily allow a player to access a specific job on the go. - - sh_whitelist_add_steamid "STEAMID" "JOB NAME" - sh_whitelist_remove_steamid "STEAMID" "JOB NAME" - You can also whitelist entire usergroups via commands. - - sh_whitelist_add_usergroup "USERGROUP" "JOB NAME" - sh_whitelist_remove_usergroup "USERGROUP" "JOB NAME" - With the Factions update, you can reset a player's chosen faction with: - - sh_whitelist_faction_reset "STEAMID"'

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sh_whitelist/ sh_whitelist/lua/ sh_whitelist/lua/autorun/ sh_whitelist/lua/autorun/autorun_whitelist.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/ sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/cl_context.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/cl_factions.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/cl_menu.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/language/ sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/language/english.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/language/french.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/language/german.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/language/spanish.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/libgmodstore.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/lib_database.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/lib_easynet.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/lib_loungeui.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/lib_panelhook.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/sh_networking.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/sh_whitelist.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/sv_factions.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist/sv_whitelist.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist_config.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist_database.lua sh_whitelist/lua/whitelist_factions.lua sh_whitelist/materials/ sh_whitelist/materials/shenesis/ sh_whitelist/materials/shenesis/general/ sh_whitelist/materials/shenesis/general/back.png sh_whitelist/materials/shenesis/general/close.png sh_whitelist/materials/shenesis/general/list.png sh_whitelist/materials/shenesis/whitelist/ sh_whitelist/materials/shenesis/whitelist/checked.png sh_whitelist/resource/ sh_whitelist/resource/fonts/ sh_whitelist/resource/fonts/circular.ttf sh_whitelist/resource/fonts/circular_bold.ttf