[Updated] Graphite Hud [Lastest Version] [Backdoor Removed]


Graphite Hud! Dark and simple HUD for your darkrp server! - Features - Hunger Mod Support - Support 3 level mods - Lockdown display - Smooth animations (eg. money, health) - Custom hud above head, compatible with player cloak (disappears if the player is invisible) - Wanted icon, lights when player is wanted - Gun licence icon, light when player own gun licence - Custom ammo box, display current clip, reserved ammo and weapon name - Possibility to choose from avatar box, or current player model box - Custom agenda box - FAQ - Q: I have missing materials(black and purple squares), how I can fix that? - - A: If you are using fastdl add materials to it. If not just add workshop addon to your collection. - - Support - You should post support ticket when: - You get any error (please paste console error and describe the problem) - Something does not work as it ought to - You have suggestion - I'm not gonna answer to tickets about changing something, making custom things for you or custom setting not mentioned above! - - Installation - Buy addon - Unzip file - Drop graphite_hud to your addons folder(garrysmod\\addons) - Open "addons\\graphitehud\\lua\\autorun\\graphiteconfig.lua" and set up the settings for yourself - If hud is working, you should see in your consol "Graphite Hud Loaded Correctly" - Have fun! - Supported Mods - Vrondakis Leveling System (with prestige) - Advanced Leveling System - LevelUp - DarkRP hunger mod'

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graphite_hud/ graphite_hud/lua/ graphite_hud/lua/autorun/ graphite_hud/lua/autorun/client/ graphite_hud/lua/autorun/client/graphite_default.lua graphite_hud/lua/autorun/client/graphite_notification_fix.lua graphite_hud/lua/autorun/graphite_config.lua graphite_hud/lua/autorun/graphite_main.lua graphite_hud/lua/autorun/server/ graphite_hud/lua/autorun/server/graphite_main.lua graphite_hud/lua/autorun/server/graphite_owner.lua graphite_hud/lua/autorun/server/graphite_resources.lua


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