Victorious Scoreboard/Tab Menu [Backdoor Free]

Description - - DESCRIPTION - Victorious scoreboard offers a sleek design inspired by Battlefield 1. This scoreboard removes a lot of the cluttered useless information while still giving core utility features. Giving fast administrative utilities and a copy steam ID & profile for users. - Features - - - Sleek design - Fading blur when opening the tab - Nice fade when hovering over buttons - Essential information and commands for easy access - Useful fast acting admin commands - Configure ranks to show on scoreboard - Option to have ranks with star icon - Suit any admin mod ( supports fadmin & ULX out of box, this is easily configured or create a support ticket for your system ) - Opportunities to add features of your liking - Added resource upload for your convenience - Language support configuration - - - Administrative Features - - - Jail - Ban ( set to 60 minutes, configurable ) - Kick - Goto - Steam Profile ( Users can also do this ) - Copy SteamID ( Users can also do this ) - '

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victorious scoreboard/ victorious scoreboard/lua/ victorious scoreboard/lua/autorun/ victorious scoreboard/lua/autorun/loadscoreboard.lua victorious scoreboard/lua/victorious/ victorious scoreboard/lua/victorious/cl_config.lua victorious scoreboard/lua/victorious/cl_scoreboard.lua victorious scoreboard/lua/victorious/sv_resource.lua victorious scoreboard/materials/ victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/ victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/1bar.png victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/2bar.png victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/3bar.png victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/ban.png victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/death.png victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/fullping.png victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/group.png victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/jail.png victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/kick.png victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/kills.png victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/return.png victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/settings.png victorious scoreboard/materials/icons/teleport.png victorious scoreboard/resource/ victorious scoreboard/resource/fonts/ victorious scoreboard/resource/fonts/lato-regular.ttf