Power Rounds [Murder][TTT][PH][JB][MB][DR][GW] (BACKDOOR FREE)


A simple and easy to use add-on for adding "special" AKA Power Rounds to your server. Anything starting with a simple "Slow motion" to a very complicated ones like "Tag". It is fully customizable with changeable menu colors, text placement on screen and easy to make custom Rounds. - Power Rounds addon - Now supports 12 gamemodes! - - Trouble in Terrorist Town - Murder - Enhanced Prop Hunt - Original Prop Hunt - Melonbomber - Chessnut&#039;s Jailbreak - Excl&#039;s Jailbreak - myhatstinks Jailbreak - MrGash&#039;s Deathrun - Arizard&#039;s Deathrun - Guess Who <> - Homicide <> - - (Homicide uses the same rounds as Murder, but you will need to change up the weapons as those are not the same) - - Are your server players getting bored? - - This will help brighten up any server with fun and interesting Power Rounds, either the default ones, or even ones you can make yourself! - Features - - Voting system(First person votes for a PR, now everyone else(Who are set to have access to voting) has (configurable) seconds to vote for what round they want, after time runs out, one with most votes is forced next round) - Fully customizable color scheme for menu (Any color on it can be changed) - Fully customizable messages and texts - No need for any custom FastDL stuff, everything is only Lua based - ULX permission support - Admins can force any of the rounds - Add-on format (Just drop it in addons and you are done) - Sleek and simple design for the menu, based off the murder gamemode scoreboard - Quick download (has no materials, only 4 small lua files) - 17 included Power Rounds (List can be seen lower) (4 for all, 7 for murder and 6 for TTT) - Easy to create more rounds even for a Lua beginner - - Installation - - Extract the zip file you download - Open the created folder - Copy the powerrounds folder over to your server addons folder - - Config - - Go to addons\\powerrounds\\lua\\autorun - Open config_powerrounds.lua - Customize the addon to you liking'

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powerrounds/lua/ powerrounds/lua/autorun/ powerrounds/lua/autorun/client/ powerrounds/lua/autorun/client/cl_powerrounds.lua powerrounds/lua/autorun/config_powerrounds.lua powerrounds/lua/autorun/server/ powerrounds/lua/autorun/server/sv_powerrounds.lua powerrounds/lua/autorun/sh_powerrounds.lua