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aHUD - A DarkRP UI overhaul that's designed to bring a clean look to your server. - Features - A new, clean look for your server's UI - A unified theme with that of my other work (aMenu) - Optional voice visualisers with volume levels - Optional notification skin with timers - Player avatars above their heads - Smooth effects for money changing, health bar moving etc. - Overhauls the agenda and wanted HUD - Support for Hungermod - Much, much more… - Installation - Installation is as simple as uncompressing the folder, dropping the folder into your server's 'addons' directory and then restarting. Once you've installed the addon you can configure it through the configuration file. - Configuration - aHUD offers an easy to use, well documented configuration file which can be used to tweak the menu to your liking. If at all you have any problem with using the configuration file I'd be happy to assist in setting aHUD up for your server - see Support header below. The configuration file can be found at "ahud/lua/ahud/ahud_config.lua" in the addon. - Support - I will be offering lifetime support on the script for as long as it is on the market - I'll make the best effort I possibly can in order to make sure my customers have no issues with running the scripts and to answer any questions they may have. If you are a customer with an issue, please submit a support ticket through the ScriptFodder website and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. - Suggestions - Have a suggestion for this script? Feel free to leave a comment or send me a PM and I'll see if I can do something about it. If you'd like support for a certain module then I'd be more than happy to add support for it. - Other Scripts - If you're a customer and have enjoyed using this addon then I highly suggest checking out the addons below and going and supporting the developers behind them, they're great people who produce great quality work! - Spy's 3D Car Display - Beastguy's CS:GO Coinflips - or if you're interested in seeing more of my own work then check out aMenu at: - aMenu'

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ahud/ ahud/lua/ ahud/lua/ahud/ ahud/lua/ahud/ahud.lua ahud/lua/ahud/ahud_config.lua ahud/lua/ahud/vgui/ ahud/lua/ahud/vgui/cl_circleavatar.lua ahud/lua/ahud/vgui/cl_notification.lua ahud/lua/ahud/vgui/cl_voice.lua ahud/lua/autorun/ ahud/lua/autorun/ahud.lua ahud/lua/autorun/server/ ahud/lua/autorun/server/ahud.lua


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