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License Plates - Description - This addon automatically generates License Plates for vehicles and allows users to create custom Plates via a DMV NPC. - - Features - Fully customizable (text, colors, NPC, etc.) - Supports Scripted Entities as well as Vehicle Scripts - Comes pre-configured with all of the TDM vehicles (as of release, more have been added to TDM since then) - Ability to easily add plates to new vehicles - Custom Plates through a DMV NPC - Saves Plates with SQLite - Installation - Purchase & Download - Extract to addons - Configuration - Included is a README that explains how to customize colors, text, add new vehicles and change the DMV NPC spawn locations. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to constantly configure plates for all new cars as they come out, so for some you may need to follow the instructions and place the plates yourself. - - '

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