pVault - The perfect bank raid/heist addon (Masks)


The ultimate raidable bank system complimented with stencil magic. Advance illusions allow for a visually pleasing vault with a fun and feature packed system for all your players to enjoy. - Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1401020507 - - The idea of this addon is to introduce the stencil library to a vault, allowing it to show the vault's room through any wall for the illusion that the vault is actually there. Along with free-man's sexy models, a lot of work and a bit of magic, it creates an amazing illusion. - - Along with this, the system has a new take on raiding, allowing you to open a menu and attempt to pick a lock. You can then carry the bags to a corrupt banker who will clean all the money for a cut. This introduces a new and creative addon to the table of bank raids.'

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