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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Gmod Store Link: - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Make administration easier by adding reports on your server! - - SH Reports is a simple but useful system which adds reports to your server. Traditionally as a player, if you got randomly shot in the face, you would complain for minutes or hours in the chat until an admin comes to you. - With SH Reports, all you have to do is file a report against your killer, write a comment about what happened and submit it. Online (or connecting) admins will see your report and will be able to process it quickly. - - Features - - Keep track of your staff members! With Performance Reports, you can see how many reports your staff members process per day, week or month! Track the performance through multiple servers by enabling the MySQL option! - Who's the best admin? Allow players to rate admins based on their performance after a report! - Highly responsive GUI - never lose the flow. The script's interface is built using the Lounge theme; filing and processing reports is a pleasant experience! - Optimized libraries for the best performance possible; unlike other scripts, SH Reports will cause absolutely no performance degradation on both the server and client. - Animated pop-ups so you know instantly when someone makes a report. - Were you killed or arrested unfairly? By picking RDM or RDA as your report reason, the menu will automatically set the report target as your latest killer/arrester for convenience! - Key bindings to make a report lightning fast. - ServerLog support to see who creates, claims or closes reports. - Highly customizable configuration file to tailor the script to your finest needs. - Language support. Three languages are included in the script: English, French and German. - Content automatically downloaded via Steam Workshop. - - Installing - - Simply extract the sh_reports folder into your server's addons folder, restart the server and the script will work right away! - You can configure the add-on in the reports_config.lua file. - By default, you can open the Report List menu with /reports and start a report with /report.'

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