Ultimate Disguise Kit


For DarkRP only. Requires CSS/HL2 Content! - - Ultimate Disguise SWEP is a user-friendly Drag N Drop install script that allows players to disguise as a certain Job for a set amount of time. This script is a great way to add depth to your roleplaying server, adding flavor to PD raids and Drug Busts! - - Any Job can easily be added to the Disguise Kit SWEP by typing /disguise_settings in chat as a superadmin. You will be sent to a very user-friendly admin configuration menu that allows you to configure what jobs you want to be available. - - When a player Disguises as a certain job with this SWEP it changes their playermodel and job title to make them appear as someone from that job for a configurable period of time! - - Disguising does not change the players salary, weapons, or door access(As found in many other Disguise Kit scripts, allowing them to be easily exploited). This kit will only Disguise the player as a certain Job and is non-exploitable! - - Features: - Great way to add depth to your DarkRP server - In-game admin configuration menu that requires no restarts - User-Friendly interface - Easy to install - Changes playermodel and job title seamlessly - Thoroughly tested & Exploit/Bug free - 24/7 Support - No download requirements for clients'

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