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- DarkRP Lean Production - - The DarkRP Lean Production system was built to entertain players and at the same time make an easy solution for server owners to change options quickly and efficiently. This has been tested in a DarkRP server environment to ensure it works as intended. - This gives you multiple choices for ways the lean should be sold, one being the user having to bring the box to a dealer and selling it, the other being the user pressing E (use) on the box to stack in their own "inventory" - You can also enable drinking the lean to give the user a speed boost with a visual effect ( Most of this can be configured ) - - Preview Video - Seeing Errors? - Add the Workshop Content to your collection - - Gallery - UI - In-game Config - - What does this have to offer? - In-Game config meaning no restarts! - Simple Installation - Custom Models - "Realistic" system - What does this work with? - This was built in a DarkRP environment, if you you would like help porting this to another gamemode send in a ticket. - - Suggestions - I love to hear what people want done with scripts, feel free to message me any ideas. - - How do I install this? - Extract from the zip file - Edit 2 out of game config options to ensure a smooth experience - Place into your addons folder - - '

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Use this addon at your own risk, we recommend reviewing code before putting it onto a live/production server.
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