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Admin Popups - Supports ULX and Serverguard - Features: - - Makes a popup with quick access buttons - Console command (for bind) to quickly claim a case adminpopups_claimtop - Hides default ULX Admin Chat - Automatically detects admins that can see popups via admin chat - Filters admins so they don&#039;t create unnecessary popups. - Claim system so only 1 moderator / admin dispatches - Allows for multiple lines that automatically update (rather than more popups) - Allows admins to hide popups while not on a duty job (for roleplay) - hook for claims for logging purposes (hook usage example ) - Installation: - - Drop the file into your addons folder. - Make sure you have ULX installed (if you have something else, just add me on steam, and I can add support). - Restart your server - Make sure staff groups have access to ulx seeasay (this is what allows admins to see admin chat). This can be found in the &#039;other&#039; section under privileges, or you can use ulx groupallow <group name> "ulx seeasay". - To test if it is installed correctly, make sure you are admin, and have a none admin type @test in chat. - Optionally if you want FAdmin ///help please supported, change cfg.useFAdmin to true in the config section. - Common problems: - - You didn&#039;t give your admins access to ulx seeasay (found in the other section of ulx commands) - You are testing with two admins. Admins don&#039;t generate popups. - You don&#039;t have ULX and ULib installed, or they are outdated. (same case for serverguard users)'

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