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ItemStore only supports DarkRP out of the box. Support will not be provided for other gamemodes. - - Summary - ItemStore is a feature-rich drag-n-drop inventory system that integrates together with DarkRP and incorporates container and trading systems, allowing players to store and exchange items with ease. Out of the box, ItemStore is configured to allow for every default DarkRP entity to be picked up and stored in the player's inventory for later use. Managing inventories is as simple as dragging and dropping between slots in the inventory or between container windows. - - Hassle-free inventory persistence is provided through simple flat file data saving as well as easy to setup cross-server support via tmysql4. - - ItemStore allows for a wide degree of customization through it's configuration file and even allows for visual customization using it's built in skin system. - - Features - DarkRP 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 support - Drag and drop inventory system with stackable items - Purchasable containers that hold items for the player - Bank entities that allow for additional storage space at centralized areas - Pocket replacement SWEP that integrates with the inventory - Admin management interface accessed via console command - MySQL via tmysql4 for cross-server compatibility - Easy to use item API for developers - Modular gamemode API allowing for easy integration into your own custom RP gamemode - Custom entity support for server managers who are not able to code - DLC - ItemStore has supplementary DLC to enhance and add functionality: - - Shops - Pickpocket (also works standalone!) - Addon support - Out of the box, ItemStore supports almost every DarkRP entity. - - Additionally, the following addons are supported using this addon pack: - - Gemstone printers - Durgz mod - Netheous's Money Printers - More addons can be supported via the custom entity feature. - - Support - Comments: ? - PMs: ? - Steam: ? - Support ticket: ? - - Support is given ONLY to the original buyer. Don't expect me to hold your hand if you have literally no proof of purchase.'

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