Realistic Kidnap System


ONLY WORKS FOR DARKRP AND SANDBOX - You require LUA knowledge in order to make this work with other gamemodes. - - Please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments area! - - Media - Video - v1.0.0 - - Features - Baton SWEP to knock out players - Surrender System (Define surrender key in config) - Allows restraining and GravGun on knocked out players - Inspection - Steal weapons and money from restrained players - Blindfolding - Blinds players so they can't see - Gagging - Gagged players can't chat or voice chat - Dragging - Can only drag restrained players - Can force players into and out from vehicles - Restrained players are stripped off their weapons until unrestrained - Restrained players hold their hands behind their back and has restrains around their wrists - Restrained players can't spawn props, change jobs, enter or exit vehicles - VCmod, Novacars and SCars support - bLogs support - Translation System, currently supports Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish and Slovak - Setup - Extract the folder "realistickidnapsystem" to your addons folder - - Content -'

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