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# Description Magma Credit Store is a modern styled, Pointshop-like system perfect for servers on any gamemode! The system has been built carefully to ensure robustness, ease of use and visual appeal, Magma Credit Store takes all of the qualities of the existing in-game store systems and puts them into one. # Features - A clean, modern and unique UI - Configurable UI colours - Server branding with the use of Imgur downloads - Robust networking # Discord Join the Superior Team Discord here: https://discord.gg/wTKbSMT # Credits - Backend code by Nosharp, https://gmodaddons.com/u/76561198879542401 - Frontend code by Tom.bat, https://gmodaddons.com/u/76561198215456356 - Version 1.0.1 update by JustPlayerDE, https://gmodaddons.com/u/JustPlayerDE

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Addon works really nice, really nice to config and how the store allows you to add a logo is very good. I am not an owner so not used it on a open server but I have used on my local server and looks really nice. However, there is an error atm.

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