Matrix's Weed System (Santos Inspired)

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**Trailer** # Why did you upload this? This addon is something I made a long time ago and used on my own server. The players really enjoyed it because you had to put some effort into actually making weed, you could build a weed empire and I personally really loved the way the SantosRP weed system worked. Along the way of my development of this simple weed system I bumped into multiple people who wanted this aswell so that's why I'm uploading this here. **How to config** Open mweed/lua/config_mweed.lua Restart & All should work. **Credits:** - Matrix - code - Zerochain - plant models - SantosRP gamemode - pot model & inspiration ## Notice I intend to remake this entire addon in the future so If you decide to buy this you will also be given access to the rewrite when I release it.

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